Session Five - 3.45pm - 4.45pm

Fundraising is often compared to sales, and increasingly funders are expecting organisations to take a more entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy.  With much of the language and tools we use inspired by the sales world, what can Development professionals learn from the commercial sector?  In this session, we will hear from two senior fundraisers with a commercial background, who will share their experiences of working on both sides of the fence.  We will discuss how commercial approaches influence all areas of fundraising, and look at how we can apply sales techniques to our day to day work.

The key to successful high level fundraising is so often in taking a peer-to-peer approach. Through case studies this session proposes ways of motivating senior volunteers to open up their contacts and support asks and making sure that fundraising is at the top of your Board’s agenda.

This session includes case studies from two of the country’s foremost cultural organisations, followed by a panel discussion chaired by the Chief Executive of a smaller, regional music organisation who will challenge the panel to explore common ground and look at how their experience can translate to organisations with limited fundraising resource.

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Inspired by SOFII’s famous IWITOT format, Dana will be talking us through examples of things she wished the arts sector had thought of first. This session will explore how looking for inspiration and creativity beyond the cultural sector can enable us to better engage supporters, audiences & participants in fundraising.

In Spring 2018 the Institute of Fundraising launched RAISE funded by Arts Council England. It is an ambitious four year programme of support for fundraising and development professionals working within the arts, culture and heritage sector. In this session, leading voices from RAISE’s launches in Yorkshire and the South West and from the IoF’s Black Fundraisers UK will discuss the challenges that cultural sector fundraisers face across the country and how we can address them. Whether you are an early career fundraising professional or a seasoned development director, come and share the burning issues you face and learn how the RAISE programme could help you.