Session Four - 2.20pm - 3.15pm

With corporate giving levels in the UK continuing to fall, securing sponsorship has never been more competitive. The second part of the Corporate Giving Masterclass will equip you with the skills to win over a potential sponsor, from the initial approach through to delivering the perfect pitch.

Prospect research has come a long way from trawling through rich lists and Who’s Who, but doing research on your donors or potential supporters is as relevant and vital as ever for making right-time, right-amount asks and saving your organisation time and money. In this session you’ll hear practical tips on how to mine your own database for hidden gems and untapped potential without costly wealth screenings or consultancy fees – and how to manage your engagement of them once they’re found.  The rewards are there – it’s just knowing where to look!

Increasing Your Resilience Without Losing Your Passion

This session is part of the Personal Track

Anyone who tells you that the fundraising profession is easy has never tried it. We have to deal with the pressure of deadlines, colleagues who don’t value fundraising, rivalry and/or jealousy between different teams and the risk that potential donors may say no. It can be difficult finding the motivation to keep going.

In this session, Mandy Johnson will share her experience of struggling with her mental health as a multimillion-pound fundraiser and battling with impostor syndrome as the CEO of a national charity. She will share insights into how she’s building her resilience in order to become an even more effective fundraiser.

Humour is essential in business today as it is in our personal lives. Find ways to present yourself in a more relaxed, authentic style and develop your own personal story.  Improve your self-confidence and esteem, communicate more effectively and memorably, and find out how to engage with passion.

Please note: Spaces for this session are strictly limited. This is a repeat of the session at 1.30pm

In your first role as a trust and foundation fundraiser, funders can seem like a closed book. But are they really? Come and hear from those on the other side, the day to day contacts who make it possible for us to submit those proposals and evaluation reports, arrange project visits and connect Trustees with our senior leadership. How do they like to work with fundraisers? What are the best examples of practice they have seen, and how can funders and donors work better together in our day-to-day liaison. This session is particularly suitable for early and mid-career professionals who work with trust and foundation funders.

Please Note: You will get most benefit from this session if you have familiarised yourself with the funders’ guidelines prior to the session.