Session Two - 11.30am - 12.30pm

For the first time in your career, you walk into the room to meet a major donor. Nerves on edge, adrenaline pumping, mind racing. Now what? In this session, you will hear from fundraisers who remember what it was like to take a major donor meeting for the first time, and can help you step off that cliff edge and thrive – when it all goes to plan and when it doesn’t. This session is especially suitable for early career fundraising professionals seeking to develop skills and confidence in taking major donor meetings and soliciting support for your organisation.

The Roundhouse has a challenge, to grow membership income, to support their creative programme for 11-25 year-olds. External management consultancy, The Foundation (who have also worked with the National Trust & Ironbridge Gorge Museum), worked with a cross-functional Roundhouse team to change their perspective of the challenge, to think outside-in. This involved in-person conversations with customers and business leaders who faced some similar challenges. Speaking to the Financial Times, The Guardian, PistonHeads, Comic Relief, Selfridges and Cancer Research UK helped the team have ideas and grow belief that change was possible. This resulted in a new, customer-led approach to membership.

Welcome to your first day at Be Less Boring Ltd – a new fundraising agency aiming to rid the world of boring fundraising copy.

Your first assignment is in and it’s a tough one – you have an hour to transform the Generic Arts Organisation’s fundraising message from boring to brilliant.

During this hands-on session you will learn four powerful storytelling techniques used by the top fundraising organisations to make their fundraising messages sing. Will you be able to use these skills to turn the Generic Arts Organisation’s stone-cold story into fundraising gold?

For charities, innovation is a survival strategy. It is not the realm of green bean bags and whacky ideas, it is about solving strategic problems, spotting opportunities and making good ideas happen to maximize your income and impact.

In this practical workshop you will learn proven innovation tactics from successful companies, entrepreneurs and charities. You will leave with a set of tools to build your innovation skills, including identifying where to focus your ideas, how to develop your personal creativity, build your resilience and manage expectations – because the simple fact is that not all of your ideas will be successful.

This session is for any fundraiser who wants to be more confident, more creative and raise more money.

Coutts Institute recently published The Coutts Million Pound Donors Report, which reviews the key trends in major philanthropy over the past 10 years, from the massive increase in donations from non-UK philanthropists to the doubling in gifts to the arts. This session will take a pulse of the changing pattern of major giving. For example:

  • Are we likely to see a move away from giving through foundations to newer models like donor advised funds, social impact investment, or more unusual models like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative?
  • Should charities be increasingly looking to non-UK based donors?
  • Is Generation X’s approach to philanthropy different from their parents’ generation?